Earth Science Outdoors

The Earth Science Outdoors project aims to bring the rocks of Scotland to life and to tell stories of Scotland in the past: of volcanoes and tropical seas, of mountains and vast rivers, of hundreds of millions of years of changing climates and environments, and make links from the rocks to many different aspects of life in Scotland in the past, present and future.

The pilot phase of the project ran from 2008-2009, developing resources for 10 sites in Grampian and Fife/Lothians. Funding was provided by Scottish Natural Heritage and a science engagement grant from the Scottish Government.

Earth Science Outdoors - project overview

Earth Science Outdoors - activities for all ages


Primary Earth Science Outdoors

Intro - Activities - Resources

0-2Explore your local landscape; Find a pet rock; make connections between rocks and landscape; Explore active processes and how people have used local rocks.
St Machar's Cathedral, Aberdeen - Stone detectives2-3Rich context for studying geology, history and many other areas of the curriculum and for developing general outdoor study skills.
Crawton 2, 3-4, I/H Variety of local rocks; contrast between sedimentary and igneous rocks; erosion by the sea; lava flows.
Cowie, Stonehaven 2, 3-4, I/H Sedimentary rocks: sandstone and conglomerate, ancient environments; modern sea erosion and deposition; use of local stone for building.
St Monans, Fife I/H

Variety of local rocks; sedimentary rocks: ancient environments; volcanic activity; folding and faulting.

Kinghorn, Fife I/H Range of sedimentary and volcanic rocks; contrast between lava flows and intrusions; raised beach and wave-cut platform.
Rock and Spindle, St Andrews, Fife I/H Range of sedimentary and volcanic rocks; volcanic vent with intrusions; recent erosion and landslipping.
North Berwick, E Lothian 3-4 Shape of local landscape controlled by different kinds of igneous rock; different parts of volcanic field visible.
Barns Ness, E Lothian 3-4, I/H Contrasting environments past and present; use of limestone for agriculture & cement; record of climate change in the past
Holyrood Park, Edinburgh 3-4, I/H Shape of local landscape controlled by contrasting igneous and sedimentary rocks; evidence of glacial erosion; volcanic features.
South Queensferry, Edinburgh
Level 3-4, Higher
3-4, I/H Clear links between the shape of the land and types ofbedrock; interrelationships between people and the environment; seashore and forest habitats.


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